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The Links Project

The Links Project is specifically tailored to meet the housing and support requirements for 16 and 17 year olds and for care leavers up to 21 years of age.

We have 25 units of supported accommodation (with a maximum of seven units at any one site), with 24 hour staffing arrangements, which includes sleeping night cover.

General enquiries can be made directly with the Service at any point.

The referral process is triggered on completion of both a Mainstay assessment and on receipt of applicable statutory assessment / plan. The decision and outcome of the referral will be made following the interview with the young person and their acceptance of the full package of support, including applicable statutory arrangements.

Whilst preference for a specific site can be noted, no guarantees can be made and offers will be made at the time of availability. Additional staffing arrangements can be sought under spot purchase arrangements.

All properties have been converted into self-contained flats, with controlled visitor access supported by an intercom system. Each site has onsite office and meeting facilities, free communal laundry facilities and free access to Wi-Fi and is equipped with CCTV. The flats are decorated and furnished to a high standard before each new placement and come equipped with a cooker and fridge, basic inventory which includes pots, pans and cutlery, bed, bedding, wardrobe, cabinet, and settee. All properties are local to a main road and within easy reach of shopping centres and health amenities.

  • The Hub: is 24-hour staffed and is the single point of access and centre for operations for the Links. It is situated within the Rock Ferry area and comprises of seven high quality self contained flats and an emergency unit of accommodation. There’s a health zone incorporating a range of health and wellbeing facilities including clinical space and equipment, learning and educational facilities and allow our extensive range of health partners to provide services and training facilities.
  • Birkenhead: There are properties at two locations within Birkenhead.  Each site is set above shops and close to the main shopping centre.  Each consists of self-contained studio flats (either five or seven), with an onsite office and communal laundry facilities. The properties are located within walking distance to the train station and bus station and is local to a range of community services.
  • Oxton:  This site is a large semi detached Victorian house, consisting of six self contained flats and there is provision for one emergency bed which is situated in the staff office area. It is situated in the residential area of Oxton and is a short walk away from Slatey Road where there is a bus route into Birkenhead town centre. It includes on site office and communal laundry facilities.

Move On Accommodation is also available in Wallasey and Tranmere which has separate referral arrangements from the main Links Project.

These properties are available for young people aged 18 years plus, as a move on option for those already accommodated within the Links Project or for spot purchasing arrangements. Utilising the ‘Move On and Resettlement’ programme, the move on option will operate under peripatetic support arrangements and in conjunction with the individuals Link’s Case Coordinator. This will determine the young person’s readiness and referral for independent living via the Housing Priority Panel, or alternative provision. Service provision under Spot Purchase will be individually tailored.

  • Tranmere: This is a detached property that’s been converted and includes onsite office and communal laundry facilities. It offers 4 self contained flats and one emergency bed provision which is situated in the staff office. It’s in a quiet residential area on the border of Tranmere / Prenton, with the main bus route situated at the end of the road. Its 15 minutes away from the main Birkenhead Centre and within easy walking distance to Green Lane train station, local shops and health provision.
  • Wallasey: This site is situated in a residential area close to New Brighton and is only 10 min walking distance from the promenade. It’s a semi detached property that’s been converted into 3 self contained flats and includes onsite office and communal laundry facilities. The property is situated off a main road which has regular buses running both into Liscard and Birkenhead town centres. It is also within easy walking distance of Liscard shopping centre, local shops and health provision.