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Annual General Meeting

Attendees at Forum’s 2017 AGM, enjoyed an inspiring and thought provoking event at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, Birkenhead on Wednesday 13 June 2018, ably hosted by the Association’s Patron the Right Reverend Keith Sinclair, Bishop of Birkenhead.

We were delighted that Sara Mogel OBE, former Principal of West Cheshire College and Director of Foundation Enterprises North West agreed to be our speaker for the evening.  Ms Mogel spoke of the challenges faced by those people who are affected by homelessness and the work of Foundation Enterprises NW to provide personalised support.

Ms Mogel also highlighted the tremendous value of learning both for the knowledge gained and physical and mental wellbeing found through learning.  Ms Mogel quoted Benjamin Franklin, inventor and founding American father who said ‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn’ a sentiment central to Forum’s own approach.

Prizes were awarded following an art competition for current residents on the theme ‘Live… and Learn, helping you to shape your future’.  Entries were displayed alongside a selection of photographs taken by a former resident which received much acclaim.

As usual at this annual event the star performers were our young people who both delighted and challenged attendees with their musical talents, across a number of genres.

One young person performed a rap he’d written about his story so far which he’s agreed we could post to illustrate the situation and experiences of some of Forum’s young people.

Do you know the struggle of living in the hostel life?
Eating beans on toast for two weeks just to survive.
Waiting every month for a payment, barely getting by.
The hunger in your tummy constantly keeps you up at night.
Sometimes I sit and wish I’d picked a different life, I wish that I flip the script and jump up on a different vibe.
Sometimes I sit and wish I’d picked a different ride, as I am on a roller-coaster and the name of it is life.
I’ve been through a harder life then most of them.
Man have been through harder so for them I am not boasting it.
Big shout to those yeah that pulled through and soldiered it.
Tonight I’m going to raise a glass and damn right I’ll be toasting it!
My head is going to overload, so many thoughts in my brain its like an overdose.
Many dark thoughts I just want to comatose and never wake up as the thoughts just don’t want to go.
I tried handling this s**t on my own and trust me you don’t want to go down that road.
Because even on the hottest day your heart will be cold, I used to be a nice guy and now I have no soul…
Reason for living on this earth sometimes I sit and wonder why that my mum had given birth,
sometimes I sit and wonder would I be better off in the dirt, but then I think no because of all the people that I’d hurt.
I don’t want to be a burden on this world because I’m hurting, there’s man going through worse and that for certain.
One day my eyes will open wide just like some curtains, one day my future will shine bright and that’s for certain.
Yh yo and I’m just trying to reach the high life, but I don’t meet the requirements on the ride height sign
and for my family I want a bright life, because living in the struggles like living in the night time.
That’s why I’m rapping now just trying to get my rhymes tight, ready for the day that it finally gets to be my time and ima kick this s**t like Muay Thai.
Starting at the bottom but you know that I will climb high.
You wouldn’t ever want to see the s**t that I’ve seen.
People constantly using drugs around me, and my brother yeah from around the age of 3, and that s**t had an impact and now i smoke weed.
I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I just blow tree, and if that offends you then you can blow me.
I used to give a f**k that used to be the old me, and if you think I’m like that now speak to my OG’s.
As life goes on my head is getting messy.
Sick of constantly feeling low and always stressing.
Sick of being mentally ill and always vexing.
Sick of always doing wrong it really does my head in.
I just want to think straight but my brain wont let me, the waves in my brain yeah they’re really f***ing heavy.
I’m surprised right now I ain’t sipping on some Henny, dangerous thoughts daily yeah they’re really f***ing heavy.

And those are a few snippets of my life.
A few moments of what’s going on inside of a broken mind.
Inside the heart of a broken guy.
Raw emotions when I wrote these lines!