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Can Do Fund

Generous donations that Forum receives from churches and individuals, is added to money raised through fundraising schemes and events to create our Can Do fund.

Our residents face many barriers to achieving small steps, much less big dreams; the CAN DO fund is used along side planned support programmes to give  young people a helping hand, supporting them to overcome obstacles they face.

Applications are received to fund a wide range of items which would be difficult to obtain without the Can Do fund, including:

  • Hair styling and make over session for someone with body image and self confidence issues.
  • Smart clothes and shoes for a new job / interview
  • Ordering a copy of a birth certificate for ID, in order to open a bank account
  • Repairing glasses and going for eye tests
  • Administration charges to secure a positive move on property
  • Driving Theory Test

One young person who accessed the Can Do Fund this year is an experienced Para Climber, and attends tournaments across the country. Climbing is used by this young person as a coping method for her disabilities and other challenges. An application was made to the Can Do fund for replacement climbing shoes which had become worn and were a concern for the resident who currently performs at such a high level she could be considered for the selection process of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics – a very exciting prospect!  The young person was overjoyed to receive the new shoes which she could not have obtained without the support from the Can Do fund.