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Forum Announces New Chief Executive

Forum Housing Association is delighted to announce the appointment of new Chief Executive (CEO)  Debbie Thompson.  After serving the last six months as Forum’s Interim Chief Executive it was announced last week by Forum’s Chair Mrs Sue Elliott, Debbie has been confirmed as permanent CEO.

Passionate about people, Debbie has worked at Forum for over 25 years.  She has served Forum most recently as the Director of Human Resources and Corporate Services and brings a wealth of experience in human resources, employment engagement, corporate services, leadership and housing management.

In the past six months Debbie has already restructured the Association and has created a new way of working for her employees, which is already reflecting positively on the service delivery available to young people.

Chair of Forum Housing Association Mrs Sue Elliott commented…

“We welcome our new Chief Executive Officer Debbie Thompson.  Debbie brings with her a wealth of experience of Forum as an organisation, as well as her creativity and passion for meeting the needs of our precious young people. We look forward to working together to fulfil God’s vision and plan for an exciting future ahead.”

Here at Forum, the Board and Association Members, staff  and young people are all excited about the news and we are looking forward to the new opportunities and for 2017.