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Diversity Accreditation

We at Forum Housing Association are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Diversity Network Accreditation (DNA) from the Housing Diversity Network. This award represents both the importance of and excellent work we do with regards to Equality and Diversity.


In order for the Association to receive the accreditation, the Housing Diversity Network undertook an assessment which involved on site interviews and focus groups with members of the Executive Team and staff members. These interviews were undertaken in order to evidence that the business was meeting the standards of the Equality Act 2010, Human Rights Guidance and the Chartered Institute of Housing Equality.  A report was then produced which highlighted areas of good practice and also examined how the Association is looking for opportunities to address new vulnerable groups, new inequalities and how we are using a more holistic way of thinking to compliment the needs of the community.


Along with achieving this award we have also been recommended to be used as an example of a ‘best practice organisation’ and are awaiting feedback to see if we have been awarded distinctions. This award not only represents the ethos and values embedded within the Association’s staff, but also our service delivery. It most definitely compliments the Association’s mission statement – ‘It’s all about you’.